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Běijīng (Hùbù) 1361 to 1911

Mints and mintmarks
This list presents all mints used on this page and attached mintmarks.
Description : Characters 北平
Name : Hù
Description : Chinese character
Name : Xìn
Description : Chinese character
Name : Boo
Description : Chinese character
Name : Chiowan
Description : Manchu character
Description : East branch : Foot of 寶 with 6 strokes
Description : West branch : Head and body of 通 connected
Description : South branch : Top vertical stroke of 乾 slanting
Description : North branch : Top horizontal stroke of 隆 protruding to left
Description : West branch : Head triangle
Description : South branch : Top vertical stroke of 乾 straight
Description : South branch : Two dots at left of 通 and rectangular head
Description : West branch : One dot at left of 通 and closed head
Description : North branch : no distinctive mark
Description : North branch : protruding head of ᠪᠣᠣ
Description : Without mark
Name : Yuàn
Description : Chinese character
Description : Character 中