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Coin Center presents a huge catalog about the modern currencies of the world, it contains more than 130,000 coins and banknotes and a huge amount of information such as worth, mints, mintages, alloys and more. We also offer a powerful and precise collection manager, ideal for all your numismatic activities.

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50 lipa - Croatia50 lipa - Croatia
Croatia • 50 lipa
50 lipa - Degenia
1993 to 2021

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Taiwan 1949 to 2022
Lithuania • Euro 2015 to 2022
Netherlands • Euro 1998 to 2022
Finland • Euro 1999 to 2022
Monaco • Euro 2001 to 2021
Spain • Euro 1998 to 2022

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Coin center, this is :
119 851 different vintages, 119 851 coins and 6 730 notes.
23 590 different types, 23 590 coins and 496 notes.
1 078 regimes, 596 coinages and 1 633 countries.
587 registered members.
7 390 sale ads [beta].