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Royal Danish Mint 1771 to 2022

Mints and mintmarks
This list presents all mints used on this page and attached mintmarks.
Description : No mark
Description : Mark Heart
Name : Johan Friedrich Freund
Description : Initials FF
Name : Johan Friedrich Freund
Description : Initials IFF
Name : Cajus Branth
Description : Initials CB
Name : Christian Andreas Muller
Description : Initial M
Name : Johannes Conradsen
Description : Initials IC
Name : Michael Flor
Description : Initials MF
Name : Hans Frederik Alsing
Description : Initials FA
Description : Initials KM
Name : Johannes Conradsen
Name : Conrad Frederik Gerlach
Description : Initials CFG
Name : Georg Wilhelm Svendsen
Description : Initials WS
Name : Christen Christensen
Description : Initials RH
Name : Copenhague
Description : No mintmark
Description : Mark P
Function : Main mark
Description : Mark GJ
Function : Main mark
Description : Mark AH
Function : Main mark