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Royal Spanish Coin 1788-2024

Mints and mintmarks
This list presents all mints used on this page and attached mintmarks.
No mintmark
Name : Sans marque - Madrid
Letter M crowned
Name : M - Madrid
Letter E in a star
Name : E - Madrid (Espana)
Name : Banque de Grèce
Letters OM
Name : Oeschger Mesdach & Co.
6-pointed star
Letter DG
Letters DL
Name : Madrid
Initials SD
Initial M
Initials SN
Initials DE
Initials EM
Initials MS
Initials MP
Initials PG
Initial L
Initial V
Initials SG
Initials SM
Initials PC
Initial S
Initials SL
Letters MF
Letters FA
Letters AI
Letters IJ
Letters GJ
Letters AJ
Letters JI
Letters JJ
Letters CL
Letters DG
Letters IG
Letters IG
Letters CR
Letters DR
Letters SR
Letters JG
Letters FM
Letters AI
Letters RN
Letters RS
Letters IA
Letters NC